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~~~ On 2016/03/07 20:46, Norma Gjuka at ngjuka at gmail.com wrote ~~~

> All humans (4) and dog people (3)are fine. 3 cats perished, 1 survived. All
> the livestock is far from the house.
> I'm living in my 1980 VW Westfalia with my dog. It's actually quite comfy.
> So my needs and wants must remain small. I've been looking to replace the
> 2010 mini.
> My daughter and I are spinners and weavers so lost spinning wheels and
> looms, tools for processing wool. And everything else. Friends here have
> generous hearts and kind support. Will take a long time to clean up the
> debris.
> It's an opportunity to reevaluate. Did I really need all those PEZ
> dispensers?

Let me join our fellow Newtonians in being glad you and the other human
inhabitants got away unharmed along with some of your pets.  I'm sorry about
your cats and your Newtons.

I remember my PEZ dispensers from back in the stone age and I regret having
given all mine away when I "grew up".   At my age now I finally realize that
adulthood is just another phase and if we're lucky we pass through it to
something better.  Things like PEZ dispensers, it doesn't matter whether you
needed them, just whether you enjoyed them while you had them.  I'm reckon
you did.  

If I were someone who could spin and weave, I'd really miss the gear for
doing that.  I hope you can find replacement equipment soon.

You and your family are in our thoughts here.



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