[NTLK] sorta OT: best iOS handwriting recog SW?

Terence Griffin griffin at nist.gov
Thu Jun 2 12:43:02 EDT 2016

No... you can't find it for your iPhone or iPod either...See, I'm an 
idiot. I googled for an ios version and saw a link to the Play Store and 
my brain auto-corrected it to iTunes App Store. I even clicked on it and 
thought I was in the App Store. Sigh. Sorry about that. However, Swype 
IS in iTunes, for sure.

On 06/02/2016 11:00 AM, Morgan Aldridge wrote:
> On Thursday, June 2, 2016, Terence Griffin <griffin at nist.gov> wrote:
>> Google Handwriting Input is on iTunes App Store. It's my main input method
>> in Android. Chickens have better handwriting than me, and GHI works great.
>> You DO have to let Google collect samples to get that level of recognition.
>> It is still usable without sample collection, but you have to be neater.
> I can't seem to find this for my iPad (nor when searching iPhone only apps)
> on the App Store, any chance you can send a link?
> Thanks,

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