[NTLK] Newton Mp2x00 Extract the ROM, request for help

Matthias Melcher mm at matthiasm.com
Fri Jan 30 03:21:41 EST 2015

I have a self-made hardware that can read your ROM card and put the result into an 8MB file. I am not sure though if you can do anything useful with that file. EInstein will probably not run very well or at all because some patches are needed that are likely not at the same address in this ROM.

> On Jan 30, 2015, at 6:41 AM, Sylvain Pilet <sylvain at pilet.net> wrote:
> Hello to everybody,
> One of you could help me to solve a problem with a special ROM of MP2000.
> This ROM is a different version from that of the MP2x00US or MP2x00DE, because it is the version FR (French). 
> The problem is that I can not install packages on this Newton.
> This ROM is installed in a MP2000 named "Watson" (you already have to know). 
> I have several Watson in my archives…
> This ROM is a Version F2.1 (F1-037)-1 on Watson.
> But if we install the ROM in a MP2000US she changes Version, and becomes one 2.2.00-0 ! (or if removing the special communication card which is in the Watson)
> The debugging Applications does not work on this ROM, to see the pics:
> http://www.message-pad.net/Watson/Pics/Watson-ROM1.jpg
> http://www.message-pad.net/Watson/Pics/Watson-ROM2.jpg
> I would like to extract the ROM, but I do not see how. 
> You have an idea?
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Sylvain Pilet
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