[NTLK] Loop trought serial connection?

Sébastien Baedis maci2012 at icloud.com
Fri Jan 16 08:34:44 EST 2015


I have a little question:

I have an Newton MessagePad 2000 with the SER-001 Board and an eMate.
Throught the USB Board, I’m able to instal packages on the MessagePad. Despite not having a flash card, my only way at the moment to transfer packages to the eMate is to beam them over the MessagePad.
But: is there a way ( a programm maybe?) to loop trought the conncection of the SER-001 to the Interconnect Port of the MessagePad? So that I could conncet the eMate with the MessagePad (cables are here) and my MacBook (NCX) would see the eMate?


Sebastien Baedis

(Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Luxembourg and new here )

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