[NTLK] Newton touchscreen not responding

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sun Jan 4 12:34:18 EST 2015

> I'll try to put a little quantity of "silver conductive 
> compound" on touchscreen cable tracks...it should fix it.

Let's try to approach this problem a tad more engineer-like. For a start, we
should try to figure out if the touchscreen does not work at all, or if it
does work, but senses the wrong position. For this you could try tapping in
a 2-3 millimeter grid covering the whole screen during the alignment routine
and watching the "X". You might want to cut a stencil using scaled paper so
you won't miss any position and make things faster. This will mean several
hundred taps, but if a tap anywhere on the screen does in fact hightlight
the "X", we are sure that your touchscreen is toast because the recognized
position is way off.


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