[NTLK] Newton touchscreen not responding

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Sat Jan 3 19:21:17 EST 2015

Sorry for the delay. I haven't been home for a couple of days. After that
all hell broke loose and I had to take care of things that didn't allow for
any delay.

> I took my multimeter and I made some measures using my 
> multimeter (hope I didn't made mistakes) :
> - Contact 1 - 3 : 528 Ohm
> - Contact 2 - 4 : 404 Ohm
> - Contact 1 - 2: /
> - Contact 3 - 4: /
> - Contact 1 - 2 :
> A)  890 Ohm
> B) 710 Ohm
> C) 1200 Ohm
> D) 860-900 Ohm
> - Contact 3 - 4 :
> A) 794 Ohm
> B) 1158 Ohm
> C) 541 Ohm
> D) 873 Ohm
> Results are very different from yours. Tell me what you think about :(

I am inclined to think that either you or me mixed up b and c when putting
down the results. Swapping these values would at least put yours and mine in
the same range.

One thing your results tell us, is that the four leads in the ribbon cable
seem to be correctly connected to the touchscreen, and there appear to be no

Just for the record: In order for the touchscreen to work, at least the top
two of the four screws that hold the black plastic pen holder part must be
screwed in, oterwise the ribbon cable will not be sufficiently pressed
against the contacts on the main logic board. Also, make sure that the tiny
rectangular rubber piece below the ribbon cable is in place, otherwise the
pressure won't be sufficient even if the screws are fastened.

> Here's the photos of interconnect port connector you asked

They seem OK to me now. I was probably misled by some shadows on the images
you sent earlier.



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