[NTLK] NetHopper Patches

Jake Bordens jake at allaboutjake.com
Thu Apr 30 07:57:34 EDT 2015

Is Daniel Padilla still around?

I took his NetHopper Patches (the NHPatches and NJCharsets packages) and repackaged them as a single extension.  I also put the installation behind an "AddDeferredCall".  This seems to fix the issue where the patch tries to install before NetHopper itself.

Before I posted it anywhere, I wanted to see if its okay with him, since its really his code.  I was going to do his JPEG handler, but that was more than just a cut/paste from ViewFrame.

Even with the patches, NetHopper is only moderately useful.  Sites like daringfireball crash the Newton when I try.  Other sites like NewtonTalk.net or Unna.org work enough that I use them for testing the internal wifi card I'm working on.


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