[NTLK] [ADMIN] Proofpoint blocking resolved

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Tue Apr 28 13:45:00 EDT 2015

On 2015-04-28, at 11:19 AM, Dennis Swaney wrote:

> I meant with whomever you spoke with and got the problem corrected.


In fact, after last week's most recent block, my contact at Proofpoint apparently got to the bottom of what was causing the problem.

I received this message yesterday:

> From: Mizuho Sejimo
> Date: April 27, 2015 1:02:55 PM MDT
> To: Grant Hutchinson
> Subject: Your request to remove from Proofpoint Dynamic Reputation List
> Hi,
> I’ve removed the IP address in question.
> Also I’ve found a problem that caused this IP to get listed on our listing.
> Now it’s fixed so it won’t get listed again.
> Best regards,
> Mizuho Sejimo

Thank the mailing list gods.


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