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Terence Griffin griffin at nist.gov
Tue Apr 21 14:47:16 EDT 2015

Sorry! How presumptuous of me. The GN3 is the Samsung Galaxy
Note 3. The Note devices have an active stylus that uses Wacom
technology. That allows some interesting UI additions. With the
Pen Input option active, when you hover any text input field on
any screen, there appears a little note icon. Tapping it opens a
handwriting UI window. As you write the ink is converted to text
and displayed in the UI. After you write something and press Done,
the text is pasted into the input field and the UI closes. It makes it
easy to chose typing (I love Swype) or writing ad hoc-ly (is that a
word?). The Google text input is keyboard replacement. It will work
on any Android device using one's finger. I don't know about iOS

- Tere

On 04/20/2015 10:39 PM, Bob Carls Dudney wrote:
> Probably a dumb question, but just making sure Google HW does not work on a Newt.
> I assume testing was done on some sort of tablet, not a Newt.
> Thanks!
> On 20 Apr’15, at 03:24 pm, Terence Griffin <griffin at nist.gov> wrote:
>> I'm pretty impressed! I never use script and set my Newt to
>> single character recognition. Google HW understood both my
>> block letters and my version script. Its a bit more tolerant than
>> the GN3 Pen Input HWR. For testing GHW, I relaxed and wrote
>> pretty messy. That tripped it up without trying too hard, but I
>> still had to be far off. I guess that says something about my
>> handwriting!
>> One very cool thing I discovered: you write (block) character
>> on top of each other and it still gets it! Also, when it recognizes
>> a group of characters, they slide to the left in the input area,
>> sometimes in the middle of a word. But I found if you keep going
>> without too much of a break, it still comes out as one word. It
>> seems like it has separate break times before it slides left, accepts
>> a letter or accepts a word. I do wish there was a way to train it.
>> There are a few that could be disambiguated, like I (eye), l (ell), 1,
>> |. You can set it to do recognition locally and/or on line. Didn't
>> Franklin say, "Those who sacrifice privacy for good HWR, deserve
>> neither." No?
>> You can write with your finger, but the GN3 pen works better. I
>> didn't try and capacitive stylus. That could be better than a finger.
>> I'm not sure if I'll give up Swype. I going to use this for a while and
>> see. It would be nice if I could set the Pen Input to use Google
>> instead of Samsung's. Anyway...
>> Cheers!
>> - Tere
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