[NTLK] Google Handwriting

Rod Lavington rodlavo at gmail.com
Mon Apr 20 21:51:52 EDT 2015

The training will occur by accepting what Google asked at installation if
you can send back anonymous feedback.  Subsequent updates will change the
hwr engine, rather than the app itself learning from you.  But of course
that may change!

I find it really good on the Note 8.  Bigger writing area helps over the
Note 4 (although that has a handy pen input option, different from the pen
inout on a Note 3).  Plus I also use a Wacom Bamboo stylus mace for the
Note rather than the stock stylus.  It's night and day difference between
the two.

After all these years I *still* haven't found a Moreinfo replacement from
my long gone 2100 :(  I wish SilverWARE would port this brilliant app!



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