[NTLK] Google Handwriting

Terence Griffin griffin at nist.gov
Mon Apr 20 18:24:23 EDT 2015

I'm pretty impressed! I never use script and set my Newt to
single character recognition. Google HW understood both my
block letters and my version script. Its a bit more tolerant than
the GN3 Pen Input HWR. For testing GHW, I relaxed and wrote
pretty messy. That tripped it up without trying too hard, but I
still had to be far off. I guess that says something about my

One very cool thing I discovered: you write (block) character
on top of each other and it still gets it! Also, when it recognizes
a group of characters, they slide to the left in the input area,
sometimes in the middle of a word. But I found if you keep going
without too much of a break, it still comes out as one word. It
seems like it has separate break times before it slides left, accepts
a letter or accepts a word. I do wish there was a way to train it.
There are a few that could be disambiguated, like I (eye), l (ell), 1,
|. You can set it to do recognition locally and/or on line. Didn't
Franklin say, "Those who sacrifice privacy for good HWR, deserve
neither." No?

You can write with your finger, but the GN3 pen works better. I
didn't try and capacitive stylus. That could be better than a finger.
I'm not sure if I'll give up Swype. I going to use this for a while and
see. It would be nice if I could set the Pen Input to use Google
instead of Samsung's. Anyway...


- Tere

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