[NTLK] Battery Level Indication with Rechargeables in AA Tray

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Sat Nov 15 22:01:53 EST 2014

This is in fact a challenge. I scavenged thermister and polyswitch from an eMate battery pack. Thermister requires two contact pads and wires soldered to them, the difficult part is keeping the wires from interfering with the batteries. I ran them on the outside taking advantage of the alignment channels, trimming the tracks inside the silo was necessary to allow space. There is room at the end opposite the contacts for the Poliswitch. I cut the wire connected to the spring and managed to bridge the gap with the switch.

The Poliswitch is only necessary if you need it. If you need it and it isn’t there, these batteries can get extremely hot.


> On Nov 15, 2014, at 7:27 PM, Andrei Chichak <newton at chichak.ca> wrote:
> You know, since the 2x00 used NiMH batteries in the bricks, it wouldn’t take much effort to rewire a AA sled to charge the cells.
> I would think that the biggest hurdle would be adding an extra contact for a temp sensor. The polyswitch is for protection and - we’re all butch here grunt grunt - it can be deleted.

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