[NTLK] Einstein help iOS

Mark Rollins mark at mrollins.com
Thu Nov 6 18:54:07 EST 2014

I hav a developer acct and Xcode tools so I will do this sometime.

Mark Rollins
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> What we'd need to see is the resulting crash log that got dumped onto your iPhone when Einstein quit. I know how to get these off the phone using Xcode, but if you don't happen to have that installed, I'm not sure offhand how you get at them.
> Steven
>> On Nov 4, 2014, at 5:59 PM, Mark Rollins <mark at mrollins.com> wrote:
>> I KNOW it can work, as I?ve seen it on OSX?.
>> IOS 8.1 on iPhone 5S.
>> Installed app 
>> Set date back to 2009 (thought that applied to iOS and not the emulator)
>> Installed ROM  
>> Einstein opens and closes
>> Set resolution in iOSEinstein to MP2x00 and iPhone 4 sizes
>> Einstein opens and closes in all cases
>> If this helps, the screen shows a small green box in upper right as app opens and closes
>> Any other tips?
>> Which resolution to use for an iPhone 5s?
>> Mark Rollins
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