[NTLK] Followup: Einstein on BB10

Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Fri May 16 22:44:14 EDT 2014

I would like to rule out that some app, setting, preference or whatever is
interfering with Einstein. Is it an option for you to make a backup, reset
your Android device to factory conditions, only install Einstein and give it
another try?

Progress: I wiped the Nexus S, added only a GPL file manager (no Google
account on it right now--otherwise it'd have synced all the old apps to
itself), and added my Einstein APK, ROM and REX file. It boots. I have a
running instance of Einstein! The same process isn't possible with my
Blackberry 10 phone, which is my "daily driver." But it might help
troubleshoot the BB10 setup. 

_Thank you so much!_ Now to begin installing things on the phone (on Android
on the phone) and see what breaks Einstein (if anything).



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