[NTLK] Do you have a Markdown syntax writing workflow?

Stephen Grassie plaidpixel at mac.com
Fri May 9 16:06:09 EDT 2014

Hello fellow Newton fans!

I have recently bought an eMate 300 with the intent to use it as a writing machine among other things. I’m hoping to write plaintext files in MultiMarkdown or Markdown syntax and then transfer those to my Mac or PC for further use.

If you’re doing something similar, I’d love to hear about your process/workflow.


P.S. - This is my first list post. So glad for this list and all the other Newton resources still out there! My first experience with a Newton was in 7th grade when my school brought in eMate 300s for communications class.  It was a tiny school with very little IT help, so I had the pleasure of helping set them all up and figure out syncing and printing. I had bought an MP100 in the past and still have an MP2100, but never really used them without the keyboard and never worked them into my process. When I realized this, I purchased an eMate and have been really enjoying the simplicity of it all over again.

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