[NTLK] Einstein on Android

Scott Hoffman hoffo at gmx.com
Sun May 4 13:40:17 EDT 2014

     Response times aren't too bad, HWR is doable if a little slower than one might expect.  Sometimes it seems a little "off," as in the word disappears mid-scribble, only to appear correctly a moment later.  Stylus works great.  No color, except the neat "backlight" effect.  :) 
     Audio doesn't seem to work correctly, but my "testing" is rather limited.
     Loading packages is easy through Android file manager.  I haven't tried to do it directly through Einstein... that's one of the next projects I plan to undertake.
     I took a couple of screenshots and posted them to my Flickr account and the Newton group.  Here are the direct links:

     Off to the Apple Store with my 2000U to create some havoc... :)
     Take care, and stay Green!

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> I'd love to see some pics. How are you finding response times, stylus support, audio, color, etc.?
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> Greetings all,
> I've gotten Einstein working on my Galaxy Note 3 and have had pretty good luck with it. Battery life issues seem unrelated to the emulator - of course it'll never be a Newton but then again, I didn't expect it to be.
> Stability isn't a problem now that I've got the 2010 patch loaded up. I've even gotten DashBoard set up. 
> Yep, the data is sort of "locked in" but overall the experience is worth it to me. Should I want to get my true Newton fix, all I have to do is reach for my trusty 2000U.
> Thanks to you all for helping me thusfar.
> I know I'll have a lot of questions as I explore the realm of Einstein on Android.
> Speaking of which, who among you all use Einstein, and out of that group, who else uses a Samsung Galaxy Note 3?
> Take care, stay green!
>   Cheers,
> Scott
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