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> Should take it in and ask for parts. Or if it's a 2000 ask if they can do the
> 2100 upgrade. 
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>> On May 4, 2014, at 7:58 AM, Alvin Lee <amlee17 at gmail.com> wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Just had a random thought today. I was thinking of bringing my Newton into
>> the Apple store and see how well they do trying to get me to "upgrade".
>> Thoughts?
>> Alvin.

Don't how much mileage you'll get.  On several occasions in an Apple Store,
practically as soon as I got it out and started writing in it, I had a
cluster of Apple employees asking me about it.  A lot of them really enjoy
the little Apple logo once they notice it, and that also stops them from
asking who made it.   The conversation usually starts with something like
"Apple made that back WHEN?", goes through "why can't we do that on an iPad
now?"  and finishes with something like "I don't understand why they don't
still make Newtons".  My answer is always the same:   Neither do I.

Once there was actually an older tech who knew what it was.  He came over
from along the desk and called two of his colleagues over.  Then HE started
telling them all about it and asking me to demonstrate some things.   Turned
out he used to have one himself.  He called it the greatest product any
company ever stopped making.

I've even had an Apple sales person ask me if I knew where he could buy a
Newton, so I sent him to ebay (if you succeeded and you're here, why not say

My guess is, if you want them to engage you in a real attempt to "upgrade"
you, you'll have to get their attention with a question.   Depending on what
model Newton you have, you could ask something like, "can you book me in to
instal a Speed Up Kit?" or "I'd like a Message Pad-compatible 2GB PCMCIA
hard drive please" -- or something.  Or you could push the boat out and ask
if Apple has "yet"(!!) released a PCMCIA adaptor for a phone micro-SIM card.
:-)  Mischievous I know but it could be fun.

Otherwise you might just get either indifference or amusement.

Let us know what happens.



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