[NTLK] Einstein on BB10

Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Fri May 2 13:11:19 EDT 2014

Hi, all!

I've got a Blackberry Z10 which (as of BB10.2) runs Android 4.2 APKs out of the box. I was so excited to see the Einstein icon on my (already awesome) phone.

I just installed the APK for Einstein, and my ROM and Einstein.rex (Einstein finds them when it starts), and then it stops at a blank screen. I set a 5-minute timer and waited. Tapping the screen at any point in that 5 mins yields "Einstein is not responding. Wait? Close?" 

After 5 mins I closed it and had a look at the log. The log reports: "2 May 2014 17:03:21 GMT:einstein.onCreate: Starting emulator with Dimension (width = 768 height = 1180)". 

Any thoughts on how I might debug this? (I could try to repackage this as a BB10 app using the Android development tools, but if I'm missing somethign more obvious, advice would be most welcome!)


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