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> There is a major investigation into the Quebec construction industry and corruption. My guess is that 60+% of the province’s construction ‘investment’ goes into various pockets, which tends to adversely affect the quality of new construction and the upkeep on the older stuff.

Sounds like the state ERRRR sorry the COMMONWEALTH of Pennsylvania in the 1960s under ex-Governor Milton Shaap. Long considered to have the worst roads in the US, the Keystone State elevated the "pothole" almost to an art form. After his death, it came out that Shaap was worth a million dollars or so more than when he took office. Corruption in PennDOT (the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation) was considered to be rampant. Bids were accepted for highway work, but then the construction was completed for far less with inferior methods and materials, with various individuals pocketing the difference.

Sorry...lived there for 30 years, still a little bitter about all that.


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