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Forrest newtonphoenix at mindspring.com
Fri Apr 25 16:11:57 EDT 2014

Hello all,

When I got my very first Newton (an MP2100) thru eBay years ago, the seller graciously included an OMP. For the uninitiated, this would be a Newton MessagePad 100, or OMP--Original Message Pad, as it was the very first Newton ever released.

It lacked a battery sled--the case that the four AAA batteries fit in. He did include an AC adapter and NiMH charger, for the original long-since-discontinued self-enclosed NiMH battery pack.

I've never used this machine. When I first got it, it powered on and was usable, but had a bad case of the "jaggies." The fact that it had to be tethered to an AC outlet was the first deterrent...and I never got around to taking it apart to fix those accursed jaggies. It looked like someone had, though, as the plastic case in the upper left corner of the display seems to have been cut away with a sharp knife, to try and alleviate any contact there. 

Recently I got it out and to my dismay it failed to power up...so, having some time available, I took it apart. What I saw was disturbing. Not to cast any blame on the individual that sold it to me, but--there were stripped screw holes, superglued plastic parts, and a makeshift display connector (essentially, someone cleverly [?!] applied liquid aluminum gel to the damaged contact strips on the clear plastic tab from the display, apparently in an attempt to restore them).

Despite all this, it did work--except for the jaggies. Now, it does not. Nothing has happened since I powered it up last...it just--quit.

I've tried the classic fix of removing all power from it for hours--days, even--but still, nothing.

I'm offering it to members of the NewtonTalk Network...make me an offer. I thought for some time on this--I'm accustomed to seeing Newtons offered for just the cost of shipping. This is an OMP, so my thinking is--it's fairly rare. While I don't believe that it's repairable (but I could, hopefully, be wrong about that), it still offers many parts not commonly available. Obviously, it's being offered AS IS...I will include the slipcover case (with metal insert to protect the display screen), the AC adapter and NiMH charger.

I'll wait 48 hours before I offer it on eBay.


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