[NTLK] Einstein crashing on boot attempt

Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Sat Nov 16 13:25:00 EST 2013

Hi, Frank,

This is very helpful--thanks so much for taking the 
time to help me make this work. I'm traveling and (foolishly) I 
uninstalled Einstein last week, and my ROM files are on a computer back 
at home. They're pulled from my Newton 2100 and did work on previous 
iterations of Einstein for Windows (on Windows XP) and on Einstein for 
Mac and for Android. I recall making sure the appropriate ROM type was 
selected in the interface, but I could always be misremembering! Once 
I'm home (Monday) I'll try that again, and I'll report back with exactly
 how it fails (if indeed I set the settings correctly and it does still 
fail). Thanks again, so much, for this really helpful reply!


On Wednesday, November 13, 2013 4:01:01 PM, Frank Gruendel <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:

I'm assuming that you installed Einstein on your Windows machine by
downlading EinsteinPlatform2007.7.6-MSWindows.msi and installing it.

Is this assumption correct? In case it is: Are you getting the Einstein
Platform Settings window after starting Einstein from Windows? If you are:
What are the settings, and what happens after you click on "Start"?

Be aware that once you see the Einstein Platform Settings window, you must
choose the ROM file by tapping the upper right-hand button. It is not
sufficient to have the ROM file in the right folder. If you use the
717006.rom file, the Machine setting should be MP2X00 US.

Good luck


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