[NTLK] Einstein-Windows--any other potential users out there?

Mr Jonathan Dueck jonathandueck at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 13 11:17:40 EST 2013

Hi, Newtontalk friends! 

It's been some time since I posted... I got a new job this year that came with a Surface Pro (not a Pro 2). I'm interested in trying out Einstein on it, but (as the issues list page shows: http://code.google.com/p/einstein/issues/list) it crashes on boot attempt. The Surface Pro seems like a good device for using Einstein in that it's reasonably fast and has an active digitizer. (And it can also support classic Mac emulators, so we could maybe even sync Einstein with Basilisk on it--neat idea?) 

I'm wondering if anyone else out there in Newtontalk land is a Windows 7 or 8 user who wants to try Einstein out. Maybe we could try things out and contribute bug reports, etc., and together figure out what's going on. I'm not a coder, but I'm not afraid to try compiling things, messing with bug reports, etc. 



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