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Bob Carls Dudney kosmicdollop at saber.net
Mon May 27 16:57:21 EDT 2013

Dear Fellow Newtoneers,

While Wall Street dodged the shattering bullet of Sandy's hurricane-force
winds.. unthinkable as it remains to most in the US, financial conditions
are now hanging by their last thread, as numerous top investing pros
increasingly acknowledge, some quoted below.

Having tried to warn folks for a decade, since I learned how bankrupt this
country is and got positioned for four-fold+ gains since..

I've found most Americans unknowingly have inadequate perspectives like
this list displayed in response to my Sandy warning last Fall. (I've even
had people tell me to stop warning them 'cause "I want to keep my head in
the sand.")

Still, duty calls in case even one of my Newton brothers would benefit:

Below is latest broadcast. (Apologies for posting such a long message to
list; I'm away from home and unable to upload anything to web servers, for
unknown reasons.)

With prayers,


Topics Included:

   Washington Inaugurates Martial Law

   Sucker Bear Market Rally Claiming Final Victims: US Stocks

   Treasuries Roll Over into Multi-Decade Bear Market = Timber!

   as US Dollars Head for Davy Jones' Locker

   sunk by multiple times Worst Debt Bubble of All Time

   Dow Jones' MarketWatch Declares "America deep in denial," "clueless"
        especially "about accelerating GDP decline."

    Not least due to CorpoRape Media's nearly Total Blackout/Whitewash

In addition to last month's all-out desperate gold bombardment,* two
further signs confirm what will remain unthinkable to 90+% until far too
late: The US economy, the last shreds of democracy, and the dollar are
moments away from free fall.

                     *also revealing gold's price floor; more in PS

The lesser sign of disintegration is the mushrooming revulsion over what
media are already calling ObamaGate, e.g:


Much more ominous is the federal government ordering military
installations in all US states and territories to monitor the civilian
population, and when any "commander" deems things out of control, "to
police the streets without obtaining prior local or state consent,
upending" prohibitions against martial law, a core American bulwark of
freedom and democracy now gone with the wind.

Unthinkable, abominable as it is, Americans are now subject to orders
comparable to "the emergency powers clause [Hitler used to assume
dictatorship]. It’s a grant of emergency power to the military to rule
over parts of the country at their own discretion."

Details, links below, including further condemnations by law professors,
and tacit approval by Congress and Obama.

Washington ordered martial law not least because tens of millions
hopelessly jobless means lots of chaos and riots dead ahead.

As some of you know, the Army started training hundreds of thousands of
troops for civil unrest a decade ago. Empty Boston streets except for
armored vehicles and uniformed officers* last month are a harbinger of the
new normal.

                     *almost all ex-military or on active duty

Not least because nearly one in six Americans now depend on Food Stamps,
virtually fifty million, double all previous extremes and counting, plus
untold millions are squatters or desperate homeless sleeping in cars,
Hoovervilles, shanty towns and carboard boxes in endless locations all
across the country.

Especially critical is chronic unemployment up to 50% among inner city
youth, and it's now a year since extended unemployment benefits began
expiring, that temporary band-aid now long gone.

Tens if not hundreds millions more Americans will be panicking and
increasingly desperate as the dollar/debt bubble accelerates toward
oblivion, likely replacing the Great Depression as worst economic
calamity. -- If it hasn't already: there would have been bread lines the
past five years all over the country without Food Stamps, a safety net
enacted after the 1930s.

Plus God only knows how many more "terrorist" events will add to the
meltdown -- whether permitted* or false-flag operations, or truly
unexpected attacks (if such happen).

          *via negligence (e.g, Boston bombings), or intentionally

But no worries, America has been in recovery half a decade now. -- Tell
that to tens of millions out of work, the total workforce* now back to
levels not seen since early 1980s when women had just begun expanding it.
The official lie called the unemployment rate has only gone down because
it doesn't count anyone out of work if they haven't looked for a job in
the last month = they've given up, as tens of millions have since 2007.

                                  *as % of total population

This graphic


reveals the unemployment rate with most everyone out of work included,
demonstrating levels as bad or worse than the Great Depression and still
rising, the blue line in the graph.

Statistical lies also mask continuing economic contraction: in real terms
the US economy has contracted all but a couple quarters so far this
century, GDP now well more than 10% down = in Depression by most widely
accepted definition. (20% down = Great Depression, where US is clearly
headed.) See PPS for details.

Never before has a nation been such a gargantuan pressure cooker ready to
explode/implode; nothing but denial and evaporating hope delays the
triggers rocketing toward detonators.

Aiding and abetting the demise of American-style democracy and the
impoverishment of most* is a political and legal system without legitimacy
nor integrity, as endless examples attest. From local party chapters all
the way to Capitol Hill and the White House, from the War on Drugs to the
Supreme Court, also at the ballotbox:

        Money talks and 99% get screwed at best.

*I love when Americans brag about owning their own home, weekend home,
boat(s), ATV, multiple cars, etc. Add up all their mortgages, home equity
and other loans, credit lines and cards and most are close to or under
water already, with the debt bubble still hardly beginning its invetable,
horrific unwind/collapse. All population statistics reveal the worst
nation of debt addicts ever.

The greatest middle class society of all time four decades ago got
snookered into becoming by multiple times the most hopelessly buried in
debt ever, with a typical banana republic wealth and income distribution,
the 0.01% owning or controlling most everything.

It's what Kucinich's economist calls The New Serfdom. Better:
Feudalism/Fascism über alles:

ObamaGate will soon be long forgotten, just like Defense Secr. Rumsfeld's
announcement on 10 Sep '01 his Department couldn't account for what it
spent over 2 $Trillion on -- vastly worse crimes than WaterGate yet never
prosecuted: the memory of Rumsfeld's outrageous bombshell erased by the
following day's horrors. And also dropped by complicit MainSpin Media,

The sweeping new martial law gives any US military officer the power to
assume local control whenever an officer decides conditions warrant.
Military installations all across the country are now monitoring civilian
life, on alert to implement Defense/War Department control whenever deemed

A Rutgers constitutional law professor says this "wanton power grab by the
military" removes it from "civilian control."


A Hofstra constitutional law professor calls it "an unauthorized power grab."


Don't hold breath for Congress or Commander-in-Chief Obama to stand in the
military's way: the Defense Department (DoD*) declared the "Final" orders
in force over six weeks ago = It's clearly not rogue action:


                               * = Department of Death

Noticed how much MainSpin Media are reporting this horror? Good job,
CorpoRape America, the press are all yours now.

And with a large plurality if not majority of Americans eager to "Support
Our Troops," hold breath on a popular backlash against what's ever harder
not to call Big Brother's Total Surveillance Police State USA. From FBI,
CIA and Homeland Security to federal marshalls and Secret Service,
culminating now in martial law, the Founding Father's ideal of minimal
central government/tyranny is long, long dead.

Just as 1,126 Bangladesh workers perished after ignoring gaping cracks in
walls, most Americans will refuse to toss their blinders and wishful
thinking until far too late. -- It's already far too late.

A good example is general acceptance stocks are in a bull market despite
ALL indications confirming it's a classic sucker bear market rally*
--since 2009-- including lack of breadth and especially depth; e.g, stock
trading volumes are a fraction of a decade ago, back to levels not seen
since early 1990s:

Where have all the investors gone? -- to Pete Seeger's tune

*If unfamiliar, a "sucker..rally" lures many into losing their shirts
betting on bubbling prices, as Dot.com and financial crisis meltdowns
exemplify. It's a sucker Bear Market rally because, as pros know, stocks
have been in a bear market overall since 2000, especially in real terms
(see second link below).

Clued-in investors pulled out of US stocks partly because they noticed
stocks are down around 75% adjusted for dollar's loss of purchasing power
just since 2000. Especially those who know Uncle Shame's CPI is ludicrous,
a small fraction of reality the past two decades and more. -- Can't have
sheople catching onto Greenspan's "Scheme for the Confiscation of Wealth."

Here's a CPI with much of Uncle Shame's lies and spin removed:


But by many measures dollar debasement (spun as CPI) is considerably worse
than even that shocker, as this page demonstrates:


Particularly threatening is crucial banking sector stocks (financials)
lagging hugely behind rest of US market (as in Europe); financials are
still far below their long-term averages (even per unadjusted sticker
price, much worse in real terms).

(Also: Trading volumes spiking on down days since 2009 make the rally what
traders call "unconfirmed" at best. In true bull markets, volume spikes on
UP days.)

Could it be investors know banks just used their bailouts to lever up even
more, and Wall Street still has the same catastrophic levels of leverage
Lehman had when Goldman Sachs pulled the plug on them in 2008? --
According to no less than TARP Inspector General.

US stocks are also insanely RALLYING whenever the Fed cranks up
debt/dollar life support, moves that would have panicked markets in all
previous eras.

 = Financial and asset markets are hopelessly bamboozled, terminally
hooked on debt like all debt addicts, along with over 300 million

-- Strictly speaking, most of the trading in stocks since 2009 is day and
high-frequency, almost all based on maximally short-term horizons.
Relatively few stock pros will be surprised when the bubble bursts. --

Dow Jones' MarketWatch says "America is deep in denial." "clueless" "And
it’s killing our GDP. A new blinding 'irrational enthusiasm' times 10. We
are again in denial about our accelerating GDP decline." "And as [The Bond
King Bill] Gross puts it, 'You’re going to lose.'" See the article for
warnings by several more of world's greatest investors and fund managers:


Nearly and more than a decade into the downturn* overall debt levels just
keep rising, by multiple times the worst debt bubble ever, in any country.

        *employment peaked in 2000 (see above ShadowStats graphic)
         housing prices peaked in 2006

Believing the most over-the-moon debt bubble ever won't end in the worst
pop/crash of all time is comparable to but vastly more catastrophic than
believing in the tooth fairy.

While most Americans will refuse to remove their blinders until too late,
the rest of the world caught on to the world's worst-ever debt bubble
decades ago, why they've traded dollars down 95% and more compared to
other currencies, especially since 1971 when final peg to gold was Nixed.
(see previous us$Hospice link for details)

And anyone still in bonds -- especially Treasuries, but most others as
well -- has no comprehension of markets. No less than Wall Street's "Bond
King" Bill Gross just declared bonds have entered what would be a
multi-decade bear market* -- despite thereby shooting himself in the head
with $Trillions of bonds in portfolios he manages. (Although he's
outperformed for decades --why far more fund managers entrust him with
their dough than any other manager-- he's untested in these maximally
treacherous waters swallowing US$ Titanic.)

*as all secular bond markets are, but Treasuries won't survive near that long

Those familiar with bond markets know interest rates rise as prices fall.*
With prices at all-time highs and interest rates at all-time lows, bonds
have nowhere to go but down, hence interest rates have nowhere to go but
up = curtains for hopelessly debt-dependent US economy, just one of
several holocausts waiting to happen.

*e.g, see:

The dollar's final death spiral will take out nearly all dollar-based
assets, with money-market and bank accounts at ground zero. Once panic
sets in, it'll be hard to find anyone in the world willing to take dollars
in exchange for anything, regardless how many on offer. Only those able to
flip dollars immediately into something else will show interest.

Only clueless Americans are incapable of imagining their currency could
suffer such a fate, what dozens of nations suffered in just the past

Endless writings on crumbling walls visible to anyone willing to open

Visiting in Texas, I'm surprised how many here can see at least some of
the blaring signs.

Few will ever catch on the US is just reverting to the ways of empire
ruling humanity for thousands of years, the concentration of ever more
wealth and power in ever fewer and fewer hands: the rich get ever richer
and the rest get screwed.

Most rare are those who know all is going to plan on the Planet of
Lessons, where humans gain capacities, skills and wisdom to last all
eternity. School of Hard Knocks often the only way -- as my life testifies
in spades.

Happy to discuss/explain/document any/all of above.

With prayers,


PS   Floor Under Gold Established Last Month

Despite Crooks in Charge (CiC) turning all their battleships broadside and
pounding gold for all they were worth last month,* gold again demonstrated
why it's been trusted for thousands of years more than any other store of
wealth. Despite all-out war, CiC were only able to push spot price down
less than 10%. Unprecedented global buying, with huge crowds throughout
Asia waiting many hours to buy as prices fell, demonstrated $1300 is a
floor under gold, very likely absolute. And even if gold were to breach
that level, it has nowhere to go but over the moon when the world stops
accepting dollars, when CiC lose control of gold's dollar price.**

*detailed blow-by-blow of some of that week's barrages here:


**here's an outline of some of the fundamental ways central and bullion
banks continually fight gold's dollar price, in mostly illegal ways,
untouchable despite being in plain sight -- Who wants to arrest their


 = great opportunity to buy gold at a LARGE discount -- but not for much

PPS   Statistical Lies Mask Depression

Adjusting GDP for more honest rates of dollar debasement (loss of
purchasing power, CPI) demonstrates US economy has been contracting
virtually every quarter this century, blue line in this graph:


Understated official CPI used to adjust GDP results in the official GDP
measure counting rising prices as if they reflect a real expansion of
economic activity, which they obviously don't, just the dollar's loss of
purchasing power.

All the contractions so far this century add up to GDP contracting well
over 10% in total, a Depression by most widely accepted definition; 20%
down is a Great Depression.

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