[NTLK] MP2K Re-celling-bliss, Polyswitch trouble

Klaus Finke klaus at finkeundfreunde.de
Fri May 10 10:19:13 EDT 2013


Being too much a coward to be slaughtering my dead MP2100 battery pack,
I was lucky to get an already opened pack from an MP2100 via eBay some  
days ago.
Unfortunately the polyswitch was missing.
Although the pack is working fine (I used Sanyo 2500mA cells with  
soldering straps),
I am a little worried about the missing fuse.

After browsing through the list archives
I learned that the part is a Raychem LTP190 – Thank you Frank (c:
- but the thing seems to be out of production now.
Mouser, Newark, Digi-Key don't have them on stock any longer.
Can someone please tell me if there is any compatible component to be  
used instead
- and that you don't have to buy in 1000s lots (c;
or maybe someone still has any spare LTP190 that I could buy?

(Besides - After checking the looks of my standard battery holder,
and considering future re-cellings,
I dared to cut away much more plastic from the rechargeable pack
than Frank did in his great description.
The opening now looks quite like the one on the standard battery tray.
While the pack has maintained its stability, it becomes very easy to  
get the cells in and out,
and the finished (and still open) pack slides in and out of the Newton  
like a charm,
because there is more room for the cells inside the pack.)

Thank you, and have a nice weekend.


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