[NTLK] Long Time Storage

Clu drclu at swbell.net
Tue May 7 18:24:06 EDT 2013

Some good advice everyone.   I left it on charge and have it set to  
turn off after 1 minute.

Really miss how solid the Newton was, just wish when it came to  
memory we were talking Gigibytes, not Megabytes.

On Apr 30, 2013, at 5:16 PM, Dan wrote:

> If you are looking for the best battery life, just don't let the
> batteries lie around dead.  That is the WORST thing you can do with  
> them
> (with regard with the batteries) is leave them around dead.
> If you are looking for long term storage without having to charge the
> batteries quite as much, remove the battery packs from the newtons and
> leave them in a good room temp location.  And perhaps every 6 months
> power them/charge them up.  Or a little sooner if the batteries go  
> dead
> quicker than that.
> If you don't care about the batteries, then I wouldn't worry other  
> than
> powering them up once a year or so.  Some say every 6 months is better
> for capacitors, but that is debatable.  Some have been in storage for
> years without power and were fine.  I guess it just depends.  I
> personally would fire them once or twice a year.  :)
> -Dan
> On 4/30/2013 1:13 AM, Clu wrote:
>> What is the best way to store Newtons?
>> I have two, I have kept them on charge for some time, and that has
>> allowed their batteries to still maintain somewhat of a charge to  
>> this day.
>> I like to play with them from time to time, but one of the problems I
>> have always had with the Newton is how they turn on at like 3 am  
>> in the
>> morning no matter if you asked them to or not.  Was there ever a  
>> fix for
>> this?
>> My Newtons are probably powered on 24/7 because of this, and have
>> probably been this way for years.  How can we put a stop to this  
>> so they
>> can get more rest?
>> Doc Clu
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