[NTLK] Historical and technical end of year treats

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Mon Dec 30 18:40:34 EST 2013

Wow! Respect!

> This contains diagnostics software for the eMate (mentioned in the eMate
Service Source manual).

I think that must be the card I mentioned in my "Cry for help page" when I
wrote it in 1999:


> Additionally the card can copy itself to internal memory, or copy itself
onto other PCMCIA cards.

Have you ever tried to duplicate it? Do you think you could make a copy for
me if I send you a card?

> So I used this to dump all of the contents of the diagnostics software,
> and have uploaded a binary of that for others to check out.
> Download: http://www.unna.org/incoming/k-diags-1.4.3.bin.gz

Does anybody out there have clue if this file can be used for cloning this
card using a state of the art Mac or PC?

> this Notepad decided to put up a few hurdles.  It cannot communicate with
any version of NCU I have.

To the best of my knowledge no 1.x Newton can. But your should be able to
communicate using the Newton Connection Kit (NCK).



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