[NTLK] WiFi via android tether

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Mon Apr 29 17:27:20 EDT 2013

I had lately resigned myself to using serial for connecting to my G5  
Leopard Mac, but today I tried a different approach.  I use an Android  
phone with T-mobile which permits me to use it as a wifi router.  I  
set the phones prefs to Open set my Lucent silver/gold card to connect  
to my phones SSID. Connected mac to phone and launched NCX.  Newt  
connected with no problems, did backup of 2mb internal and 12 mb on  
card in less than 4 minutes.  and no problem installing 3mb newton book.

Obviously there is some small risk of turning off encryption but for a  
short session I feel safe enough.

The setup is quick as is turning it off.

Probably not news for many of you but for me it removes a barrier.  I  
wonder if lpr printing will work?


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