[NTLK] Steampunk Makeover

Lloyd Conway doc_retro at juno.com
Mon Apr 8 21:03:32 EDT 2013

    It's odd that this subject should come up just now.  Last weekend I helped my artist-daughter with her booth an 'Shodo-Con' in Lansing, Michigan.  She specializes in  Amigrumi based on anime characters I've mostly never heard of (the genre has come a long way since I watched 'Kimba' as a child).  There are usually quite a few 'Steampunk' attendees and vendors, and we've talked about some Apple-themed projects i could do that she might sell, such as a G3 Lombard (bronze keyboard) or a Newton 130.  I was sorely tempted to take my defunct MP 130 or MP 110 out and do a quick make-over for the convention, but i want the time to do it right, and a working model would be a real treat for the right steampunk type. 
    If this ever gets beyond the ;'what if' stage with us, i'll share pictures of what we come up with.
-Lloyd Conway
 Charlotte, Michigan

"Woody, your comment about the look of the hinge repair reminded me of an
idea that floated through my head a couple of years ago.  Has anyone ever
tried giving a Newton or eMate a steampunk make-over?

I never got past sitting down with pencil and paper to try some designs,
because I realized I need to do some research so it doesn't end up looking a
pig's ear.  Before I go further I thought I should ask if someone's already
invented that particular wheel.


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