[NTLK] eMate hinge repair for dummies

Vladislav Korotnev vladkorotnev at gmail.com
Sun Apr 7 21:13:33 EDT 2013

As for the ribbon cables, I can disconnect and then reconnect them with no problem. 
Gonna disassemble it today then.

On Sun, Apr 7, 2013 at 11:09 PM, Woody Smith <woodysmith at me.com> wrote:

> You should do this repair because you may already have a released  
> spring that is resting on the ribbon, but not yet cut through.  I have  
> seen this in a significant number of eMates that I have opened.
> There was a technique that others wrote about where you left the wires  
> soldered and manipulated the logic board to flip over to the right.
> Due to the ribbons connected to the keyboard i felt that this put too  
> much stress and wasn't worth it.
> Removing and reattaching the speaker wires and backlight wires is  
> extremely easy since they are surface soldered to a small pad.  The  
> main risk is over heating the pad and causing it to release from the  
> logic board.
> I use a hot well tinned soldering pencil, a quick touch while slightly  
> tugging the wire and it's released.  To reattach orient the wire on  
> the pad which should still have enough solder and with another quick  
> touch its reattached, a steady hand is needed to keep the wire in  
> place for the solder to harden.
> A quick touch is a fraction of a second.
> If you own a soldering iron/pencil your skill level is probably high  
> enough.
> If you have a friend with soldering experience, ask for help.  When  
> eMates were expensive I helped many folks with this repair but today  
> the cost of shipping is greater than the cost of the eMate.
> Woody
> On Apr 7, 2013, at 11:05 AM, Vladislav Korotnev wrote:
>> Hello.
>> Sadly I haven't done a hinge check on my eMate even though I've had  
>> it for >3 years already.
>> As far as I've seen on Frank's pda-soft page, I will have to do  
>> soldering to the motherboard.
>> Is there a way to do it without even bringing the soldering iron  
>> close to it?
>> Also any ways to replace the battery pack with something more usable  
>> would be much appreciated.
>> Thanks!
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