[NTLK] [FS] 2000u

Woody Smith woodysmith at me.com
Fri Apr 5 17:35:55 EDT 2013

A recent request to buy prompts me to offer one of my Newtons.
Offering 2000 upgraded to 2100

•Dual crystal to switch from 167 MHz or 220 MHz. Done by me. IR and  
serial work only at lower speed.
• Backlight replaced with white backlight, looks pale blue. Strong
• Display cover intact
• Battery tray modified to re-charge NiMH cells Temperature switch and  
thermistor installed.(charging other cells would damage unit).
• Original  Stylus
• SER-001 serial adapter installed
• Display has only very minor scratches or scuffs. And no jaggies or  
alignment problems.

• Repaired crack visible at battery silo
• Port door missing.
• One display door clip missing from back
• Slightly sloppy cutout for crystal switch access by interconnect port.

I'm asking $200 free shipping,  If you are at all interested I can  
take pictures.

* Original power adapter  $23
• Two 24 mg linear flash cards $25 each
• Keyboard connects to SER-001 serial port. (167 MHz only) $30

Please contact off list with offers

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