[NTLK] Silver and Gold

Noah Leon moosefuel at hotmail.com
Thu Nov 29 22:30:31 EST 2012

In this season approaching full of "silver and gold," I thought I would
make an effort to get my newly acquired eMate online. Alas, I only have a
Wavelan silver card, which only supports I think 64bit encryption, while my
home network operates at a minimum of 128. I understand that the Wavelan
gold card could do 128 WEP, and that a Silver card could be flashed to a
Gold (hence the timely "silver and gold" reference). Does anyone out there
have the knowhow and the good will this time of year to do such a thing if,
say, I were to mail you my PCMCIA WiFi card, in return for some holiday
cheer? Canadian addresses would be ideal, but the card is not too large, so
international would be alright too.

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