[NTLK] Learning Remote App?

Rusty Miles Rusty.Miles at tn.gov
Tue Nov 27 17:22:43 EST 2012

When I did a Google "curiosity search" on Sharp CE-IR2 wireless interface, I stumbled across the following page titled 'Newton Infrared FAQ' :  http://www.0x1.org/d/stuff/newton/ir-faq.html
I don't remember seeing it posted earlier in this thread and if it was I apologize for the redundancy.  I also don't know if the maintainer, davida, is a NewtonTalk member but thought the information he had collected on the subject was a pretty good resource.  Lots of good information IMHO.

There is a section (R3 in the index) titled "Can the Newton learn from my existing remote?"  The short answer is No, because of the filter over the IR receiving diode.

My 2 cents.

Rusty Miles
Nashville, TN

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> I'd also like to read the notes included with the sample app to see 
> whether the name of the author (if it's mentioned) rings any bells.  
> It would be cool if it turned out that the guy I read about years ago 
> and the author of the app were one and the same. :)

The text file that lists all 1.x samples by name credits Mike Cremer and Kent Sandvik. The sample is in this zip file


under Newton 1.x Sample Code\Communications\IR Remote Sample-2. (Of course, there's a Mac version too.)

Here's a comp.sys.newton.programmer thread where Mike Engber and Kent Sandvik talk about it:


> 2) Where the -heck- did you find NTK 1.0.1?  :) Is that something 
> you've had on hand for a while?

I don't have it - the text file suggests that this version of the sample is from the time of NTK 1.5. Well, I actually have the NTK 1.0.1 demo from an image of the WaiterHelper disk, which was distributed with the book "Programming for the Newton". The image was sent to me by a list member. The demo is identical to the full version, but it does not allow you to change the package name and the packages it produces display a notification when they are activated. But you could hack the packages with a hex editor to disable that. Why do you want version 1.0.1 anyway?

Matej Horvat

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