[NTLK] Roll call November 2012

Rusty Miles Rusty.Miles at tn.gov
Mon Nov 26 13:37:50 EST 2012

I am not the Newton aficionado that many of the list members are and have not as of yet attempted to implement many of the functions that are possible (i.e. internet connection, email, GPS) but do thoroughly enjoy this list and stand in awe of the capabilities of the list membership.  That being said ...

Primary Newton: MP2100
Backup Newton: no official but have a couple of other MP2100s and MP2000s that could be pressed into service.
Other Newtons: Still have my OMP that I got back in 1993 (?) and an eMate to tinker with.
Misc. hardware: nothing that I am actively using other than a 20MB memory card.  Do have one of those fold up keyboards that is on my project list to hook up like Grant did.
Computer gear: Macbook Pro running OS 10.4,  but using an old Toshiba Satellite with WinDoze 2000 to talk to my Newton;  As well as various other "vintage" computers including an old TRS-80 in storage in the attic.

My "interests" reach often exceed my grasp.

Rusty Miles
Nashville, TN

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Hi all,
       Since returning from lurking in the dark recesses of that "interweb" thing, I figured since I don't remember seeing such a query in recent memory (although mine is not at all that good - thank goodness for the Newt!) I'd post this question / statement for your consideration.
       Who's still out there, and what hardware are you running?  Specifically, Newton-related, including whatever device you use to synch data if applicable.  
        My primary Newton: MP 2000U
        Backup Newton: MP 2100, MP 130
        Misc hardware: Keyboard, fax/modems, GPS, Bluetooth...
        Computer gear: PowerBook G3 OS 9.2.2, Power Mac G5 OS 10.4

         My apologies if this has already been posted, as I said, my memory is terrible and I don't remember seeing this recently.

         Take care and talk with you all soon - Stay Green!
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