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--- On Sun, 11/25/12, Chris Browder <kcfoxie at gmail.com> wrote:

>How about that. I may dig around for the codes now that I know more about >the unit. I thought the powercd was a cdf100......very hard to find. Ill >search around for a 080 remote for the time being. 

I don't think you're far wrong about the CDF100.  I'm no great expert on all this stuff, but as near as I can make out, the CDF100:


and the PowerCD/CDF080:


are indeed part of the same product family, as is the Kodak PCD 880:


If you look at the remote controls on the PCD 880 and the CDF100 and compare them to that of the PowerCD, like you have:


...they all look pretty similar, yes?  :)

Unfortunately, you're also not far wrong about this part, either:

>..very hard to find.

Boy, I'll say. : /  However, at least with the Philips/Kodak models you're not competing against Apple collectors for the players and remotes, which is why I mentioned it.

>If anything I am more inclined to obtain an hp laserjet 2200 for irda >printing than I am anything else irda right now 

I can't say I blame you.  Apart from looks and styling, there's not a whole lot to recommend the PowerCD or any of the other Photo CD players.  

The Photo CD format doesn't seem to have caught on all that well.  I mean, for what you were getting for your money, the value just doesn't seem to be there. As far as I can tell, Photo CD players are more curiosity pieces than anything else today. [shrugs]

Still, it's kind of neat to look back at all the other kinds of hardware Apple was producing at the time the Newton first came onto the scene.  The early 90's seem to have been kind of a rough time for Apple in terms of their figuring out just where it was they were trying to get to (not that the -late- 1990's were necessarily an improvement or anything).


James Fraser

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