[NTLK] Roll call November 2012

M. Hahn greenthing.2100 at googlemail.com
Mon Nov 19 11:59:22 EST 2012

Nice collection, nice to see!

My Newton maschines are:

MP2100	 	with German OS in daily use for notes and calender
MP2100		with German OS in use of my son for his hobbies
MP2100		with US Rom for experiments and backup	(seldom used)
eMate		for vacationnotes

1 German keyboard, fax modem PC card, Etherlink III Lan card, USB-Serial Adapter, Compactflsh PC Card adater, Pico BT card, 

Syncing to MacbookPro OS X 10.6.6
Syncing PPC MDD Tiger / 9.2.2

For "Syncing" cal and adress data I'm exporting vcal-documents.

I'm not upgrading OS X 10.6, because everthing I do works best.

M. Hahn
Greenthing.2100 at gmail.com

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