[NTLK] Roll call November 2012

Vladislav Korotnev vladkorotnev at gmail.com
Mon Nov 19 00:49:45 EST 2012

I'm still here but not as active as I should be :/

Primary Newt: MP2000U
Backup newt: eMate 300
Hardware: 2x20MB linear flash, 1x16MB SD+PCMCIA ATA Adapter, 1xLucent WaveLan card
Computers: MacBookPro (Late 2006), PowerBook g3 PDQ, 2xPowerMac G3 Gossamer, Mac Classic, Mac LC II, Vladkorotnev's PWNintosh ver 2.0 model 2012 low-budget ver., Toshiba T1800 with i386/Win3.1/Newton developer toolkit



On 19.11.2012, at 7:49, Max Smith <maxmaxmaxmaxsmith at gmail.com> wrote:

> Present and accounted for.
> <cut>

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