[NTLK] Mail V madness

Tony Douglas tonyisyourpal at aim.com
Sun Nov 18 17:24:18 EST 2012

I used to use Fastmail (fastmail.co.uk) with my Newton - however, they now seem to have switched off all of the non-SSL ports, rendering them pretty much useless to me. However, coincidentally my "normal" mail account now works properly from the Newton in non-SSL mode, so long as you use port 587 for the smtp server. So, you could also have at


if you have an old @netscape.net or @aim.com email address.

Lots of ISPs now seem to divert port 25 to their own email servers, which is fine and dandy with a desktop machine at home but a pain if you want to have an email set up that works whether you're at home or roaming with a mifi device...


- Tony

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On 11/18/2012 12:40 AM, R A Parker wrote:
> I had to use mail.gmx.com:587 for the the SMTP. Port 25 appears to be blocked 
by my ISP.
> Otherwise, looks like gmx.com is a viable eMail service for Newtons!
> Ron
+1.  This is the service I use and I've never had any real problems with 
it, though it can sometimes be slow to send to Gmail addresses and it's 
blacklisted by Craigslist.  Otherwise great though!

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