[NTLK] Roll call November 2012

Riccardo Mori rick at newted.org
Sun Nov 18 13:25:14 EST 2012

Newtons in use:

- MessagePad 2100 (in a 2000 case), with PICO Bluetooth card. It's how I (rarely) connect the Newton to the Internet, using my Power Mac G4 Cube that shares the connection via Bluetooth.
- eMate 300
- Original MessagePad

Related hardware includes assorted Flash cards (from 6 to 32 MB), an Ethernet card, and of course a Newton Keyboard. I still have a 56K PCMCIA modem card that I used to directly connect to the Internet via landline a few years back. And to send the occasional fax.

In my household I have plenty of vintage Macs for my Newton connection needs (and a Keyspan Serial Adapter — in the end I've found the good old serial connection to be the most reliable for backups and data exchange), although I generally use my Newtons as standalone devices for note-taking, writing, calendar management etc.

My first Newton was a MessagePad 2000 I purchased second-hand in 2001. I've been a constant Newton user ever since. Often I carry my MP2100 or OMP along with the iPad and the iPhone, and I don't have a problem with that. I use each device for what it does best. And taking notes in a natural fashion with a stylus is best done on the Newton.



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