[NTLK] QfWorks and subtracting cells

Joseph P Reilly reilly001os at aol.com
Sun Nov 18 12:46:29 EST 2012

Hi Chris,
To tally cells you would use "=sum(a1:a4)". To subtract two cells you 
would use "=b1-b2". I didn't
test multiply/divide but I'd guess its the same syntax as subtraction 
(I'm away from my newt now).

I tested this on the qfworks extension for newton works by plugging 
"=b1-c1" into cell a1,
entering 2 in cell b1, entering "=sum(c2:c5)" in c1 and entering 1,2,3,4 
in cells c2:c5. As
expected it summed c2:c5 in cell c1 then subtracted c1 from b1 to give -8.

Joe Reilly

On 11/17/2012 04:52 PM, Chris Browder wrote:
> I must be a dolt. I cannot figure the formula syntax to get qfworks to subtract cells. How does one do this and multiple/divide? In excel the SUM call does this but it reports #VALUE! For anything other than a cell range (A1:A6, for instance). I need the ability to tally a stack in a cell and subtract that total from another cell. (Simple budget sheet)
> All ideas welcome.
> Chris

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