[NTLK] Mail V madness

RAParker raparker at newted.org
Sat Nov 17 23:29:46 EST 2012

> Try over-riding the ports by adding :PORT#

I'm pretty sure this will help.

A correction is needed on the imap port, the correct (non-SSL) ports  

> Something like this…

> POP3 = pop.gmx.com:110
> IMAP = imap.gmx.com:143
> SMTP = mail.gmx.com:25

I plug these into my Mac. Apple wants to default to SSL as well. Every  
went fine after changing it to the port numbers and I see other notes  
on the web that suggest that gmx.com still allows (always will?) the  
non-SSL ports. I will try plugging these into my Newton next.


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On Nov 17, 2012, at 7:41 PM, Chris Browder wrote:

> Aaah good to know about the !POP argument on imap prefix. Will  
> experiment.

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