[NTLK] Connecting with Mountain Lion?

Sam Rollans rawlangs at gmail.com
Fri Nov 16 12:15:09 EST 2012

> Are you able to synchronize anything with it?
> Thanks,
> --Forrest

Hi Forrest,

I don't regularly sync my contacts if that's what you mean, but I accidentally synced about half of my contacts to my 2100 last month, and that seemed to work fine. I am able to back up and install packages. I'm also able to export Newton Works files to my Mac. As far as I can tell, NCX works as designed for me.

I advise making a new user on your mac and doing a fresh NCX install there. That worked for me, and helped me track down the directory problem. Before I changed the directory name, I couldn't even launch the program, it would crash immediately.

Currently I'm experiencing no issues. I'm using a MBP 5.1 running 10.8.2. I can sync with my eMates and my 2100. NCX isn't always stable (occasional crashes) but I've had more successes than failures, and it crashes no more often than it did under 10.6 for me.

- Sam

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