[NTLK] Connecting with Mountain Lion?

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Fri Nov 16 12:02:30 EST 2012


--- On Thu, 11/15/12, Gavin Watson <gavin83209 at gmail.com> wrote:

> Classilla is indeed OS 9 exclusive,

Close: 9.1 is the recommended minimum OS.  However, the primary maintainer (Cameron Kaiser) acknowledges that it will run under certain flavors of System 8 as well (with caveats):

>Although Classilla will run on OS 8.5, due to various bugs in that version >we strongly advise updating to OS 8.6.)


(under "System Requirements")

If you like, you can even run it under early flavors of OS X (though I'm guessing that very few people are still playing around with 10.0 or 10.1 in 2012):

>In fact, Classilla may be the best browser option for you if you are >running a very old version of OS X such as 10.0 or 10.1, but you must run >it in Classic as it is not Carbonized. Reports from 10.2 users also >indicate that it performs better than SeaMonkey 1.1.x in some >circumstances, so a combination may be your best best [sic] for Jaguar.


(under "Can I run Classilla on OS X?")

Classilla 9.3.1. was released just shy of a month ago, so if anyone reading  this hasn't played around with the latest incarnation, it might be worth a test drive:


...especially if you happen to have, say, a PowerBook G3 you haven't booted in a while. ;)

[glances significantly in Scott Hoffman's direction] :p

Of course, just as the page indicates, Classilla is alpha-quality software.  Meaning that a potential end user should give the installation and release notes a careful reading so they understand exactly what is being offered.

That said, Classilla is a very impressive achievement and 9.3.1 marks its ninth release. [gazes in awe and wonder]


James Fraser

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