[NTLK] For Sale: Several eMate 300, connectivity items, documentation, etc.

Todd Todd pakegler at yahoo.com
Thu Nov 15 13:39:05 EST 2012


I have been watching
 this group for years.  I finally got 
around to cleaning and checking my cache of eMate 300 units.  I also 
have a number of connectivity items, original documentation, service 
batteries, and replacement styli.  I even have one eMate 300 with its 
original serial number matched box.  All eMates are in good condition.  
They were pulled from a public school district many many years ago.  
Most have they typical school markings (number on the lid, asset control
 information on bottoms, etc.)  I will ship each with a burned copy of 
the eMate 300
  Connectivity CD v1.1.  The full list is below.  I have listed 
prices but, as in life, everything is negotiable.  I will charge actual 
shipping costs and will only ship to the continental US.  I don't have 
time to deal with the challenges of international shipping and  trade or intellectual property restriction issues.

 appreciate any interest the readers of this group may have.  The list 
is below.  All items are AS IS and PLUS SHIPPING.  PayPal is preferred.  I will return money 
for eMates that fail within 14 days.  Buyer returns eMate to me at their expense before money is returned.  Please send questions via EMail.

Thank you!
pakegler at yahoo.com

30          eMate 300 (most with OS 2.1)     $30.00 1/$27 2-4/$22 5+  ALL 30 for $550

 1           eMate 300 in original box (pictures available upon request)     $50.00
 1           eMate 300 (small scratch on screen/no external power brick)     $20
 1           eMate 300 (vertical line in middle of screen/no external power brick)     $20
 1           eMate 300 (for repair NO POWER/no external power brick)     $10
 7           PowerUser PhoneNet Adapter     $1

11          Farallon PhoneNet Adapter     $2

 1           Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter -- USA-28x (Now TrippLite)     $20

 4           Keyspan USB Twin Serial Adapter -- USA-28 (Now TrippLite)     $20

 3           Entegra USB Single Serial Adapter (U1-D8)     $10

 4           Apple Genuine Din-8 to Din-8 ImageWriter II Cable -- 590-0552-A     $5

 2           Generic Din-8 to Din-8 ImageWriter II Cable     $5

 2           Apple Service eMate 300 Battery -- 922-2938     $10

14           eMate Replacement Pens -- Individual     $1

 3           eMate Replacement Pens  -- Box of 24 (2 unopened/1 opened)     $10

 4           eMate 300 User's Manual -- 030-5132-A     $4

 9           eMate 300 Teacher's Guide -- 034-0030-A     $2
 6           Newton Works Graphing Calculator User's Manual -- 034-0062-A     $2

 4           QuickFigure Works User's Manual -- 038-6308-A     $2

 1         "The Apple eMate 300 in Education" Marketing Brochure (great condition)     $5

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