[NTLK] Connecting with Mountain Lion?

Kevin LaCombe my_newton at wavecable.com
Wed Nov 14 22:37:56 EST 2012

It's been a few years since that last time my newton saw the light of day.  My WinXP PC is in the closet and my OS9 iMac is in the garage.  Are there any solutions for connecting with Mountain Lion (Mac Mini Core2Duo)?  I saw some chatter about NCX no longer working with Lion and it definitely doesn't work with Mountain Lion as it no longer supports PowerPC code.  My wife's MacBook has Lion but have not tried that yet.

I'd like to consolidate some of my newtons and will post a sale/trade offer separately but would like to make a solid connection first.  I'd also like to update all of them with the 2010 patch before they move on.

I have a working ethernet card and the ethernet packages on a storage card.

Good to see everyone still here!

-Kevin LaCombe

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