[NTLK] The youngest Newton aficionado ever...

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue Nov 13 17:05:53 EST 2012

I just got a nice and very polite mail from a ten year old boy who has been
saving for a Newton for more than a year (resulting in almost 50 Euros),
just to find out that the only Newtons available at eBay Italy come from the
USA. Apart from being expensive, shipping would definitely blow his

So, no hope to treat himself to a Newton for his 11th birthday in

No hope?

What a good opportunity to get rid of some of the stuff I haven't touched
for years. Like, for example, one of my 120s, a power adapter, a memory card
and a serial cable. You can't learn early enough what it means to be a
member of this community. Since it's going to a birthday present, it will of
course be free :-)

I wouldn't be surprised if this nice young fellow showed up here before
long. Matej, I'm afraid your age record is being severely threatened...

This mail (well, not THIS mail, but the one I was just referring to) made my
day today.



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