[NTLK] Comparison Photos

Scott Hoffman hoffo at gmx.com
Mon Nov 12 18:43:00 EST 2012

      Certainly - my Flickr user name is "scottyhoffo" and I put them into the Newton group pool.  Here's the direct links to those images:


       I'll get a few more "glamour shots" later - I wanted to get a few up in case anyone wanted to see.  The new iPad mini is right about the same size as the display area of the full-sized iPad.  It's almost awkwardly thin, though... Nicer to hold while reading books than its larger sibling, in my humble opinion that is.  Battery life seems to be pretty good even with WiFi on and exploring the dark corners of the internet.

        There aren't a lot of options in the way of cases for it yet.  I have mine in the same case formerly occupied by my 1st generation iPad.  That case reminds me of my current MessagePad case as it is able to hold the Apple Bluetooth wireless keyboard and other bits and bobs. (headphones, charger, adapters...)

           Hope this helps - take care and talk with you soon!
           Stay Green!
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