[NTLK] Need help to edit an ebook file attachment (on StillNewt.org site)

mkow1234 at aol.com mkow1234 at aol.com
Tue Nov 6 13:15:21 EST 2012

Hello Everyone,

I am trying to "sanitize" my online presence for the purpose of "income improvement".
In the past, I made a few "us vs. them" comments on a file attachment for one of the ebooks I converted (IVR Cheat Codes).
When I conduct a Google search for my name, this commentary appears, large as life.

I forgot who maintains the StillNewt library of ebooks, but I would like very much to edit or remove that file from the Internet.
If you are the owner of the www.stillnewt.org website, please help me out.

I'm concerned that a future job prospect will see this file and draw the wrong conclusions about my compatibility with life in a cube farm. I'm working now, but am looking for a better paying gig. Thanks for your consideration and patience.

Very best regards,

Matt K.

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