[NTLK] [FS] MessagePad 2000 plus extras

Cory Lueninghoener cluening at gmail.com
Tue Nov 6 00:17:17 EST 2012

After seven or eight years of lurking on this list's archives, it's
time for my first post: to hand my Newton off to another owner.  I
just haven't been able to fit the little guy into my current
lifestyle, and it's been sitting in a box collecting dust for the last
few years.

Here's what's included:

 - A fully-functioning MessagePad 2000 (2100 upgraded), complete with
stylus, great screen, and strong backlight
 - Two keyboards, both with dongles.  One comes with its skinny case,
the other with the thick "my Newton is a laptop" case.
 - One rechargeable battery (that somehow still can hold a charge for
a little while)
 - One AA battery drawer
 - One communication cable
 - One Newton Fax Modem
 - Two power adapters (H0165 and H1300)
 - One Newton 2MB Flash Storage Card
 - One WaveLAN Gold card
 - One PCMCIA CompactFlash adapter, complete with 8MB card
 - One spare PCMCIA blank

... and maybe a few other things I find laying around that might be of
use to go with it.  All of this can be yours for $100, or any
reasonable offer (ie., at least the cost of shipping) that includes a
promise to use it regularly.

Cory Lueninghoener
Hacker, Photographer, Tinkerer

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