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James Fraser wheresthatistanbul-newtontalk at yahoo.com
Sun Nov 4 23:30:58 EST 2012


--- On Thu, 11/1/12, Aron Hsiao <leapdragon at gmail.com> wrote:

> Andrew:
> Thanks for the Evernote suggestion! I actually did use
> Evernote for a while and even subscribed for a year, but in the end, 
> while the feature-by-feature capabilities were interesting (except the
> critical pen-based HWR and drag/drop note layout features of Newton
> OS), the UI was much more like that of the Palm or the CE applications
> like PhatNotes than the Newton UI, and in the end I realized that
> I was using it like a database, not like a notepad.

I didn't see Trunk Notes mentioned in this thread.  I'm guessing you've seen and tried that one, too, but if not:

>For the one-time-upfront cost of $5, Trunk Notes allows all the magic >Evernote claims and more. More magic: WiFi sharing and Dropbox sync. Image >capture, storage, keyword tagging, geo-tagging with Maps support, plus >image backups (to the cloud) using Dropbox.  WikiWords for internal page >linking and full HREF support for external links. !! Snippets for >automatic text expansion !! Now, that's magic !!


I can't speak to the "magic" part there (the quote is from RA Parker), but I did want to mention Trunk Notes because, like you, Mr. Parker tried EverNote and is didn't really work for him.  For $5, Trunk Notes might be worth a go (or not). [shrugs]


James Fraser

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