[NTLK] Sharp Model Newton Problems

Frank Gruendel newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Fri Nov 2 16:41:12 EDT 2012

> Did Resets, including the one where you hold the on button down 
> and the Reset button for 20 seconds or so and then release the reset. 
> That one left it on long enough for me to tell it not to erase anything 
> and then it died. Back to the same situation again. It wakes up, then 
> immediately goes back to sleep.
> Is this a hardware problem?

It might well be. But it just as well might not. Please run the reset
sequence described here:


Do it EXACTLY as described (as in "regardless of how unimportant the
difference might seem to you"). This description is for a MP130, but it
works the same with an OMP, a MP100 and the Sharp model. The only difference
is that normally you can't remove both the backup battery and the main
battery. There's a little plastic something in the battery compartment that
you need to push in order to slide the orange plastic thingie into the
backup battery removal position while the main battery isn't installed.

If this doesn't fix things although you are positive that you did things
exactly as described, there's probably a hardware defect. However, so far
I've only seen what you describe in some Newton 2x00 models. These cases are
usually due to a resistor showing a little more resistance than it should.


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